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Cell Press and Cancer Cell: advancing with the community

发布时间:2023-05-26来源: 科研处 阅读量:[]

报告题目:Cell Press and Cancer Cell: advancing with the community

主讲人:Steve Mao(Director of Cell PressCancer Cell杂志主编)

时 间:2023年6月1日 15:30

地 点:bwin体育娱乐袁家岗校区国际学术会议厅


主讲人简介:After receiving a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from UT Southwestern, Steve Mao did his postdoctoral work at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Harvard University. Steve was a Senior Editor at Cell and Science before joining Cancer Cell in 2020. In 2022, Steve became a Publishing Director at Cell Press. He now manages a life and medical sciences portfolio including Cancer Cell, Cell Metabolism, Cell Stem Cell, Developmental Cell, Immunity, Med, Molecular Cell, and Neuron.

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